Welcome to PULSE Camp.

We are a Christian, weekend summer camp, for school years 6-12

“…. excitement builds as we set up camp on the Friday evening at our 70 acre site at Lockerley, deep in the countryside. The heat of a July summer evening gradually gives way, as the shadows grow long and the camp becomes bathed in the fading orange sunlight. A campfire is being lit and you can already smell the food cooking.  The weekend lies ahead and the Night Hike beckons. Our camp ranger makes a final head count and then leads everyone off into the darkness of the woods, torches piercing the blackness. It’s a world of sensory experiences.

Saturday, and sunrise already sees the early risers up and playing ball. Laser Tag starts a little later on, but if it’s hot everyone likes to cool off a bit on the water slide. Finally, camp draws to a close late Sunday afternoon and tired youngsters go home to reflect on a great weekend, but also on the things that they have heard and seen. Minds inspired and curious to know more … “

God Unlimited

In the spring of 2019, Pulse came under the control of God Unlimited. Pulse Camp is a stand-alone GUL operation, under the directorship of the founder, Bruce Dunton. The GUL Board of Trustees exercises full oversight for Pulse Camp and can be contacted directly at www.god-unlimited.org


Aldhelm Mission Fund

Pulse Camp was generously funded by the Aldhelm Mission Fund.

Salisbury Diocese

Pulse Camp is endorsed by the Diocese of Salisbury.